What does ing stand for in ING Bank?

Answer The ING in ING Bank is an acronym for International Netherlands Group. Their headquarters is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but they offer banking services all over the world. ING was founded i... Read More »

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What does fpt stand for in a bank account?

"FTP" stands for funds transfer pricing, a method used by banks to compare the profitability of each transaction that takes place within the institution. The FTP of a bank account is determined by ... Read More »

What does REO stand for in regards to bank-owned homes?

The term REO stands for Real Estate Owned and refers to properties that have returned to the ownership of the lender after the previous owner defaulted on mortgage payments. Because the property wa... Read More »

What does the minus sign stand for on your bank statement?

A minus on a banking statement is actually a credit to your account. It can be from funds received, a credit issued, or an adjustment made. The minus will offset a plus (which is a charge to your a... Read More »

What does hsbc stand for in terms of the hsbc bank?

HSBC stands for Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. HSBC traces its roots back to 1850 and is headquartered in New York City as of 2010. HSBC Bank and HSBC Financial Services employ more tha... Read More »