Can a life be saved Or is it really a prolonging of the inevitable?

Answer Hi Terry. Sounds as though you are a bit down today, sorry to hear that. Personally, I feel that when you had your surgery last year your life was saved and prolonged all at the same time. If yo... Read More »

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Are breast-infections inevitable for nursing moms?

I've been breastfeeding for 9.25 months and I've never had a breast infection. Breastfeeding on demand, exclusively from the breast, is the best way to prevent infections. The key is to avoid pumpi... Read More »

What do you think about Chinese General's assessment that war with US is inevitable because of US containment?

Insert, what in hell has this post got to do with travel, and no it would not come to those serious circumstances, and two like us, Australia have good relations with China.

Are corporations stoppable without financial collapse, is supporting them prolonging the inevitable?

it would be possible to have a soft landing if the people making the decisions weren't headed for a mountain.this country is run by the rich, for the rich.