What does in tune mean with patents?

Answer Although the phrase "in tune" is not routinely used as a term in patent language, companies named InTune hold several patents. For instance, the Intune Group holds a patent on a CD vending machine.... Read More »

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What does a car tune-up mean?

A car tune-up is maintenance on a car that includes replacing the fuel filters, air filters and spark plugs in an automobile. Tune-ups help ensure that your car's engine receives the optimum amount... Read More »

What does it mean to get ur car a tune up?

There was a time when the term "Tune UP" involved lots of things, Plug replacement, Wires, Points - Condensor - Dwell & timing, good heavens we even had to remove the valve covers and adjust the ta... Read More »

What Does Auto Tune on a TV Mean?

Auto-tuning your television is the act of scanning all analog and digital channels available. The auto-tune feature is particularly important for those who receive over-the-air television, have cab... Read More »

What does fine tune mean for monitors?

Fine tuning anything means improving or adjusting it. For monitors, fine tuning means setting the correct resolution and the refresh rate of your monitor, along with color settings. Fine tuning mat... Read More »