What does in tune mean with patents?

Answer Although the phrase "in tune" is not routinely used as a term in patent language, companies named InTune hold several patents. For instance, the Intune Group holds a patent on a CD vending machine.... Read More »

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Who has 3,000 patents in his name?

Japanese inventor Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, known as "NakaMats," has over 3,000 patents in his name. NakaMats holds patents for inventions as varied as a primitive floppy disk, the CD, a spring-loade... Read More »

What is the patents law of the u.k.?

The patents law of the U.K. is governed by the U.K. Government's Intellectual Properties Office (IPO). The patent law is designed to protect inventions from being exploited or copied by anybody oth... Read More »

Who owns the 2nd most patents?

According to USA Today, the second most prolific inventor in American history is Thomas Edison with 1,093 patents. Although it is impossible to know who holds the most patents, USA Today believes t... Read More »

Who owns the most patents?

Shunpei Yamazaki, a 65-year-old owner of a research and development company in Atsugi, Japan, currently holds 1,811 U.S. patents. This makes him the current owner of the most U.S. patents in the wo... Read More »