How many are still in denial that HD-DVD is dead?

Answer WHO CARES ALREADY? They both offer the same thing. High definition video and Audio on a disk plain and simple. BluRay seems to have won because of unscupulous marketing tactics and a better player... Read More »

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How to Deal With Girls Who Are in Denial?

Yes, you know the girls, the ones that follow you from a distance, sending nerdy little kids with no social life little notes to hand you, asking you if everything's OK, because apparently you look... Read More »

How to Appeal Claim a Denial?

Just because your claim was denied, does not mean that you have to take it lying down. You can appeal any claim denied that has been denied, medical claims are the easiest to appeal.

How to Challenge an HMO's Denial of Coverage?

If you want to challenge an HMO's denial of coverage you have to go through the proper channels; and even then, there is no guarantee that an HMO will reverse its decision. Many HMOs have a formal ... Read More »

What is Internet denial of service?

An Internet denial of service attack, DOS, or distributed denial of service attack, DDoS, is a form of Internet cracking attempt. It is so-called because you and your users are, through the effort... Read More »