What does"item of public record"mean on denial letters?

Answer An item of public record on a denial letter means that a credit reporting agency found a judgment, foreclosure or possibly a bankruptcy on your credit report. An item of public record can remain on... Read More »

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Does getting to a store 9 minutes before closing time justify denial of service?

Depends on what kind of store you are patronizing and what their policies are. Sometimes the workers will clear the store and not let anyone enter towards closing time.If you knew what you wanted ... Read More »

What is Internet denial of service?

An Internet denial of service attack, DOS, or distributed denial of service attack, DDoS, is a form of Internet cracking attempt. It is so-called because you and your users are, through the effort... Read More »

What is the best way to appeal a denial from a Social Security Disability claim?

Why were you denied?Here's a link to Social Security's eligiblity process's their home page for disability Read More »

What is considered a preexisting medical condition that will likely cause denial of health insurance?

Answer cancer or any other terminal disease. not sure about chronic health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. Answer From a tactical perspective, any illness that the insurance company ... Read More »