What does 'in a civil union' and 'in a domestic partnership' mean on facebook?

Answer in a civil union is for gay people. and in a domestic partnership is like whoever u are living with and "in bed" with them no matter if u are gay.

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What is the California domestic partnership law?

California awards its citizens in domestic partnerships many of the benefits associated with those of married individuals. To receive these benefits, partners must meet the standards and file a De... Read More »

How to File for a California Domestic Partnership?

Same-sex couples in California may want to apply for domestic-partnership status. By registering as domestic partners, couples are entitled to all the rights and protections of state law. To qualif... Read More »

How to File for a Domestic Partnership in New York?

A domestic partnership (also called a civil union) is a legally recognized relationship of couples in a committed relationship. The domestic partnership law in New York includes same-sex couples. T... Read More »

What Does it Mean to Dissolve a Limited Liability Partnership?

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