What is something i could use to improvise for a dildo and no vegies?

Answer I've heard of everything from brush handles, to barbie doll legs. But really, those things can damage the walls of your vagina, and leave you open to infection. My advice.... look into CHEAP dildos... Read More »

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How to Improvise on the Clarinet?

Some people just seem to be able to pull beautiful music out of thin air, but it's not as hard as you might think. Improvisation is pivotal in many styles of music, especially jazz. Learn how to do... Read More »

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This article is about how to have proper old fun in the snow!

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How to Cheaply Improvise an E Cig?

ugly but functional and costs less than $3.00E-cigarettes are a non-carcinogenic alternative to the real-thing and are theoretically cheaper. If you only had to worry about replacing/ refilling the... Read More »