What does carbon imprint mean?

Answer A carbon imprint, also called a carbon footprint, is the amount of negative gases emitted by an organization, event, product or person.Carbon ImprintThe gases emitted that constitute a carbon impri... Read More »

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What Is a Publishing Imprint?

There are several meanings for the word imprint, but it usually means a subsidiary publishing house. Imprint publishers will often be specialty publishers, whereas their parent companies may publis... Read More »

How to Imprint on Dog Tags?

If you have a blank set of dog tags, you may wish to imprint them with a name or a special message. Because dog tags are very thin, they can easily be stamped with a metal stamping kit, available o... Read More »

How to Hard Reset the LG Imprint?

Hard-resetting a LG Imprint restores the phone to its original factory condition. During a hard reset, all data files and applications that were downloaded and installed on the phone are erased. Re... Read More »

How to Imprint Letters on Wood?

Pyrography is the art of imprinting designs on wood using fire. While this can be accomplished with heated metal brands or even a magnifying glass and sunlight, most modern pyrographers use a wood ... Read More »