Implied Consent Law andCalifornia?

Answer In California, a person operating a motorized vehicle is considered to have implied their consented to blood or breath testing by operating a vehicle for the purpose of testing for alcohol or drug ... Read More »

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What does consent of the governed mean?

According to the Independence Hall Association of Philadelphia, the "consent of the governed," a phrase that appears in the Declaration of Independence, is the idea that the people of a country are... Read More »

Can a mother give consent for her child to have a sex change without the father's consent?

Why can women have an abortion without the father's consent BUT consent is needed for adoption?

I'm no lawyer but I would guess that until the baby is born the mothers rights are the most important in law, so she gets to decide what procedures she wants to go through. Once the baby is born t... Read More »

In Florida do both parents have to consent to psychological treatment of a minor or can only one parent consent?

It might be helpful for you to contact the Child Protective Services in your home state. That would at least give you a start.