What does Imperial cultured mean?

Answer Imperial cultured refers to a brand of pearls that are grown under controlled conditions by the Imperial Pearl Company. Cultured pearls are grown by inserting a foreign object, such as a bead, into... Read More »

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What does the dragon stand for in Imperial China?

The dragon is a very potent symbol in Chinese culture, representing benevolence, immortality and the divine. It is traditionally considered a protective symbol. In Imperial China, the dragon was al... Read More »

Does the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas rent cars?

According to its website, the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas does not itself rent cars. However, as of April 2010, it does contain a Hertz car rental office on the casino floor next to the box office... Read More »

When does the Imperial Palace pool close for the season?

According to the concierge desk clerk at the Imperial Palace, the Shangri-la pool typically closes in late September or early October and reopens in the spring. During the open season, the pool hou... Read More »

What is imperial jade?

Imperial jade is a valuable, naturally occurring mineral that has been used for centuries in expensive jewelry and carvings. Imperial jade is considered the most valuable type of jade.FeaturesImper... Read More »