What does impending birth mean?

Answer it means that the baby is about to come

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What does this mean " Impending sense of doom "?

Andrew is incorrect and the medic is correct. People gain a sense that some very bad thing that is about to happen. It is not a panic attack as often the person experiencing it is very calm but k... Read More »

What are the signs of impending child birth and hard labor?

First contractions start, then the frequency increases. Your water breaks, followed by the urge to push. This may last some time before the final process called "crowning" the the child's head has ... Read More »

What does caesarean birth mean?

An unnatural birth. A natural birth is when the baby is born through the vagina, a caesarean birth is when the baby is born by cutting at the bottom part of a womens stomach which is called the wom... Read More »

What does noble birth mean?