Is being gay immoral!!cos of the diseases that it can cause like HIV and hepatitis c?

Answer hetrosexuals can also get the same dumb ***

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Do you personally think Abortion is wrong or immoral....?

I believe abortion is wrong. I am sorry for the loss and pain you feel. We all make mistakes. I have no doubt that God has forgiven you.Unfortunately it isn't only women who suffer the after effe... Read More »

Is it immoral to date a meat eater?

Everyone has their own opinions regarding meat eating and just because you are a vegan doesn't make someone who eats meat an immoral person or a murderer. Someone who kills animals for sport is a m... Read More »

Are reverse mortgages immoral or sinful?

On One Hand: Getting Scammed.To obtain a reverse mortgage, you have to be at least 62 years of age. At this age, some people are relying on government support such as Social Security and Medicaid. ... Read More »

Is killing animals for food immoral I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.?

Well, killing animals for food and killing them for survival can mean 2 vastly different things. But, I have no problem with either.It's true we are omnivores, but, it's also true that our body doe... Read More »