Wat does "Imao"mean?

Answer Laughing My A** Off, or ROFLMAO is Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A** Off.

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What does IMAO mean in computer language?

According to the Acronym Finder, IMAO means either In My Arrogant Opinion or In My Anal Opinion, and either starts or ends a statement that expresses a strong personal belief during chats or emails... Read More »

On the internet wat does Imao stand for?

Laughing my @$$ off, like everyone else said...except that one guy...lame moron huh? Dude, if you're going to be stupid and fail miserably at coming up with a clever alternate meaning, at least mai... Read More »

What is the meaning of IMAO in chat?

According to the Acronym Finder, the two chat definitions of IMAO include In My Arrogant Opinion and In My Anal Opinion. The acronym is used to make a forceful declaration. Compare this to IMHO, wh... Read More »

I feel a fool for asking but can someone explain to me what IMAO means please.?

Well, after having been told 27 times what the answer is (when once would have done....!) we can all safely assume you now know what LMAO means.

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