What does illegal mean?

Answer The word "illegal" can be employed as a noun or an adjective, but both are reflective of an undesirable attribute. The Oxford English Dictionary records first usage of the word in the mid-1600s.Def... Read More »

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What Does"Illegal Start of Expression"Mean?

An "Illegal Start of Expression" error is a compiler error in the Java programming language. It generally means that there is faulty code somewhere in the syntax. For instance, misspelled methods a... Read More »

What does this mean illegal relocation DLL user 32.dll was relocated in memory?

Does an illegal Mexican have rights to his child in the US even if the American girl and illegal Mexican aren't married what rights does he have to the child?

Yes he does, such as custody, visitation and support issues. As for immigration, having a citizen child is no basis to get legal residency (at least not until the child is 21)

What does illegal argument exception receiver not registered mean its come up on my android cell pH b4 and then follows some security info in my data log then pauses everything then a huge data dump?