What do you mean by IKEA and what are they?

Answer Its a huge store where they sell different items for home. If you ever go there make sure you have time because their store is so easy to get lost in.

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How to Shop at Ikea?

The Coventry IKEA storeHave you always wondered how to shop at IKEA , the biggest and most scary home furnishings stores in the world? Well this is for you!!!

Do you shop at IKEA?

No I dont shop at IKEA and that is why > naughty parrots pinching essential parts

Where is ikea made?

Ikea is originated in Switzerland. - John Anav

Returning something to ikea?

I don't know the policy there, but start at the store level where you bought it and tell them it is unstable, so it is a safety issue. If you don't get any satisfaction, (make sure you work your wa... Read More »