What does"idle"mean?

Answer The term "idle" is used largely as either an adjective or a verb. It describes a person, object, or state of being that does not involve working operation, such as an person out of work or an autom... Read More »

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What does idle mean on i.m.?

Well, that is a very good question. It means that the computer in subject has not had any action for a set amount of time. These actions include any moving of the mouse, touching of the keybourd, e... Read More »

How to Idle in IRC?

Have you ever been on an IRC channel where there are people who never seem to leave? Have you ever wanted to be one of these people? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Keep reading this article... Read More »

What is an Idle Scan?

it means tha Norton has scanned the contents of your PC for viruses whilst the processor was above 80% of free capacity, i.e at idle, not doing much. This is a setting that simply stops Norton from... Read More »

What Is Idle Air Control?

Engines require three things to run: air, fuel and spark. Though the main throttle butterfly controls the majority of the engine's airflow, all engines must include a provision to feed the engine ... Read More »