What does idle mean on i.m.?

Answer Well, that is a very good question. It means that the computer in subject has not had any action for a set amount of time. These actions include any moving of the mouse, touching of the keybourd, e... Read More »

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What does"idle"mean?

The term "idle" is used largely as either an adjective or a verb. It describes a person, object, or state of being that does not involve working operation, such as an person out of work or an autom... Read More »

What does"idle time"mean?

"Idle Time" is the duration that a computer has been powered on and booted up but not used for any computing task. For example, if you close your browser and walk away from your computer for 30 mi... Read More »

What does"Idle"mean in Yahoo?

After a period of inactivity, your Yahoo Messenger status may change to "Idle." This is just to let your contacts know that you are unavailable at the moment. If you want to change the setting, sel... Read More »

What does"idle hours"mean?

"Idle hours" refers to time when an employee is on the job but does not have any work to do, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Usually, an employer must pay for downtime, except for lunch ... Read More »