What does icon mean?

Answer An icon is a small image that appears on the computer screen. It identifies the software or files that can be accessed when double-clicking on the image. Unique icons make organizing and accessing ... Read More »

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What does a"G"icon mean on a cell phone?

The "G" icon on a cell phone represents General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). When the "G" icon appears on your mobile phone it is sending or receiving data from browsing the Internet or text messag... Read More »

What does it mean when an eye icon shows up on my secure password bar?

The eye is a button. When you press and hold it, it shows you what you typed instead of dots.

What does the cup of coffee icon mean on a Motorola cell phone?

The coffee cup icon on the top center of a Motorola cell phone's display screen indicates the device is using a Java-based application, such as a game. Java is a computer programming language. The ... Read More »

What does the globe icon mean on a Blackberry Curve 8900?

The globe icon on your Blackberry means that you have a saved webpage. To remove the saved page, go to your "Browser" folder. A list of your saved pages can be edited there.References:Blackberry: S... Read More »