What does さらっと mean in Japanese?

Answer It means "briefly" in this case.>動画の中でさらっと流してしまうには勿体ない話でしたのでね。 It's such a worth story that we can't just talk (or show) briefly in the video.

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What does"ni"mean in Japanese?

Worlds can have many meanings. The word "Ni" is a Japanese word meaning the number two, and it also follows a noun meaning the measure of day, month or year in Japanese sentence structure.Reference... Read More »

What does ようきんしゃった mean in Japanese?

It's maybe Kyushu dialect which means "welcome". You don't need to memorize it because it's dialect.I think the following 2 are the same.

What does kirei mean in Japanese?

usually it is closer to the word"pretty" then "beautiful"... but people sometimes translate it as either

What does kuro mean in Japanese?

The word "kuro" has two meanings in Japanese. The first word stands for the noun form of the word "black," which can be transformed into an adjective with the addition of an "i." The second meaning... Read More »