What does queen bee mean?

Answer A queen bee is defined as the only fertile female bee whose sole function is to lays eggs in a hive. The queen mates with the drones. The term "queen bee" can also refer to a woman who dominates he... Read More »

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What does a flashing red light on a Filter Queen Defender mean?

The flashing red light on the Filter Queen Defender means that the filter is close to the point of needing replacement. When the light stays solid the filter needs replacing.References:"Filter Que... Read More »

In what year did Queen Elizabeth II become queen?

Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England in 1951. She was 25 at the time of her ascension. The Queen is married to Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. She has four children and eight grandchildren... Read More »

What does a queen leafcutter ant eat?

The leafcutter ant queen, just like the rest of the leafcutter ants, feeds on the fungus grown using plant leaves. Leafcutter ants do not eat the leaves they are so often seen carrying--instead, th... Read More »

What property does the queen own in America?

She owns no property in the US. If she invested in a company that would be allowed under US law, but the only property that is considered UK owned is the embassy grounds/buildings of the British go... Read More »