What does iTunes error -9812 mean?

Answer i have the same problem have searched pretty much everywebsite and still cant get it working...

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What does"DNS error"mean on a PSP?

A Domain Name Service (DNS) error occurs when a PSP cannot connect to the Internet. According to the PlayStation Knowledge Center, you need a wireless router to connect to in order to browse the In... Read More »

What does an ide error mean?

An “IDE Error” message indicates that there is some issue with one or multiple IDE devices installed in a personal computer setup. This could mean that one or multiple IDE devices have imprope... Read More »

What does a dns error mean?

A DNS error means your Web browser is having trouble reaching a DNS server and cannot correctly interpret Web addresses and correctly load websites.DNS ServersDNS (domain name system) servers are c... Read More »

What is iTunes error 13?

Its an error which has ocurred to your iphone/ipod probaly during restore. its very easy to fix... Try Restoring and if it doesnt work try this: Make sure iphone/ipod is awake and ou can see som... Read More »