What does it mean for a pre-existing condition you have 63 days to get new insurance does this mean that you won't be covered for things like rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions unless you get i?

Answer Answer That's correct.If you lose COBRA then you can get an Indivdual Plan from HIPAA, but it must be within the 63 days.

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What does .com mean in a website like what does the com mean?

commercial org = organizationgov = governmented = education

What does this symbol mean on your iPhone it looks like a telephone with somethin like a keyboard unddrr it it is right next to the battery life?

The TTY option is turned on. you can turn it off in the setting>phone>TTY

What does it mean to say "I like it in my closet"?

It's to support breast cancer research. I though it was a song at first because everyone was posting different "I like it..." I saw I like it in the closet, parents bed, floor, in the grass, in the... Read More »

What does"in like flynn"mean?

The term "In Like Flynn" is a reference to Australian actor Erroll Flynn who was known as a "romantic swashbuckler" according to The terms means to be successful at a goal or task, usu... Read More »