Does hypertension contribute to stroke?

Answer On One Hand: Strokes can be caused by hypertensionStrokes are caused by a lack of blood supply to a certain part of the brain. A person with hypertension usually has diminished blood flow to the br... Read More »

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How does potassium relate to hypertension?

Potassium works with sodium to keep the body healthy. A high intake of sodium with low potassium increases your chances of hypertension while maintaining a one to one ratio of potassium to sodium h... Read More »

Does hypertension precipitate diabetes?

On One Hand: Connection and TreatmentsHypertension and diabetes are closely associated and commonly occur in the same patient. The two diseases are characteristically linked in how they affect the ... Read More »

Does hypertension cause nosebleeds?

On One Hand: Blood PressureAccording to the Mayo Clinic, nosebleeds may be caused by increase in blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension. The small capillaries on the inner side of the nose ... Read More »

Does guaifenesin interact with hypertension?

On One Hand: Guaifenesin AloneAvailable over-the-counter and by prescription, guaifenesin acts by thinning phlegm in the chest so that you can more easily cough up (expectorate) the material. Rare ... Read More »