What all the hype about wen haircare?

Answer the infomercialls lol

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Blu-ray and the hype?

As long as the video quality is the same then they are the same overall if you just want to watch a movie. However Blu-Ray gives you a physical media to take with you to friends houses. To let othe... Read More »

Is HD TV just hype?

Betamax was actually the better quality of all of them, they just got the marketing wrong and everybody already had VHS. the broadcasting companies such as the BBC still use Betamax.HD is the next ... Read More »

Megapixel Hype?

A megapixel is 1 million pixels, and is a term used not only for the number of pixels in an image, but also to express the number of sensor elements of digital cameras or the number of display elem... Read More »

Laptop AMD APU is it nothing but hype?

The cpu part is not that great, but the gpu part surpasses intels hd 4000 (at least in the A10).