What does it take to get high on Hydrocodone?

Answer Ok John, here's the deal- all drugs in the hydrocodone family are made with Tylenol. They call it paracetamol, acetaminophen,and a couple other names besides. The pharmaceutical abbreviation is apa... Read More »

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What Does a Hydrocodone Tablet Look Like?

Hydrocodone is a prescription pharmaceutical, an opioid derivative belonging to a class of drugs known as narcotic analgesics, of which morphine and codeine are also a part of. It exerts its pharma... Read More »

How long does hydrocodone stay in an unborn baby?

I think you mean Cytotec. It's a medicine for men who has ulcers and a side effect was found to be miscarriage.

Does hydrocodone apap 5.500 make people sleepy?

Hydrocodone is a narcotic, and drowsiness is a side effect at any dosage. Hydrocodone is typically mixed with other drugs to form medicines, most commonly mixed with acetaminophen to form Vicodin, ... Read More »

How long does 10 milligrams hydrocodone last at each dosage?

About the same amount of time, your body can only push out so much into your body. When I was on 10milligrams my doctor said they usually last 3-4 hours so he gave me one every 3 hours. I don't rec... Read More »