What is hydrocodone apap used for?

Answer Hydrocodone APAP is a prescription drug used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is also included in some prescription cough syrups as a cough suppressant. The drug is a combination of narcotic ... Read More »

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Hydrocodone and a ua test?

You are fine,,, it's out in 72 hours,,,I've taken the screen a bunch of times on opiates,, my freedom depended on me knowing this one

What Does a Hydrocodone Tablet Look Like?

Hydrocodone is a prescription pharmaceutical, an opioid derivative belonging to a class of drugs known as narcotic analgesics, of which morphine and codeine are also a part of. It exerts its pharma... Read More »

How much hydrocodone do I take for my pain?

You ever see "Gateway to Heroin" on CNBC?

Withdraws from Hydrocodone!?

You shouldnt have been taking near that many a day, I mean I know your in pain but you shouldnt have been flooding your system with tabs just to make it go away. Tabs are prolly one the most addict... Read More »