What does house mold look like?

Answer Household mold comes in many different shades, sizes and shapes. The one common factor in any type of household mold is its origin. All molds form due to moisture build up around some common, and s... Read More »

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What does mold on wheat grass sprouts look like?

Several varieties of mold can grow on wheatgrass. The most common is slime mold, which is small, fuzzy and blue in color, and does not affect the health of the plant. White- or brown-colored mold, ... Read More »

What does Madonna's house look like?

Madonna's main point of residence is East 81st Street in New York City. Her house is a 26-room classic Georgian residence notable for its extraordinary 57-foot width, making it one of the widest h... Read More »

What does Oprah Winfrey's house look like?

Kittens.... She has many kittens, Jk, I dunz know

What does the new big brother UK house look like for 2008?