What does Hosanna mean?

Answer According to the Chicago University Bible Fellowship, the term "Hosanna" is Hebrew for "save us." The term is found in the New Testament passage, John 12:12-50, of the Holy Bible that describes the... Read More »

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What does hosanna in excelsis mean?

The word "hosanna" means "Pray, save us!" in Hebrew. It was used as a cry of adoration and rejoicing, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia. "In excelsis" means "in the highest." So the phrase "Ho... Read More »

Kindergarten Hosanna Craft?

Teach kindergarten children about the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem during Passover through assorted Hosanna crafts. "Hosanna!" means "Please save us!" in Hebrew. It was shouted by the people w... Read More »

Does both hosanna and Hosea come from the same root word?

Both "hosanna" and the biblical name "Hosea" come from the same root word, which is the Hebrew "hosia," meaning "to save" or "to deliver." Hosanna is an appeal for salvation, and actually means "de... Read More »