What does CIA in the hood mean?

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How to Open a Hood on a Geo Tracker When the Hood Latch Cable Is Broken?

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How to Open the Hood of a Ford Explorer With a Broken Hood Cable?

The hood cable in a Ford Explorer runs from the hood latch to the hood release lever, inside the vehicle. This cable connects the interior hood release lever to the hood latch underneath the leadin... Read More »

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In the last episode of season 3, we see Robin, much, John, kate, Tuck, Archer and Gisborne join forces to defeat king john and the sheffif. Isabella ecapes from the castle jail and with the pioson ... Read More »

What episode does Kenny take off his hood?

He has removed his hood several times; first of all in the South Park film, but also in the episodes "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", "Lil' Crime Stoppers", "The Jeffersons", "Good Times With Weapons",... Read More »