What does it mean to go home?

Answer very poetic and well said.... home... is when, where and with whom, you can take yer shoes off, lay back on a loving shoulder , breathe deeply and know that you are loved..... just like you did as ... Read More »

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What does a tax lien on a home mean?

If a tax lien is placed on your home, it means that you neglected to pay a tax debt. The federal government will then collect the debt by way of the lien when your home is sold. The tax lien will t... Read More »

What does GOP at Home Depot mean?

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus referred to the GOP, or Republican party, in a conference call on Nov. 18, 2008. According to, he said, "If a retailer has not gotten involved wi... Read More »

What does a short sale of a home mean?

A short sale is when a seller sells his house for less than the debt owed on it. The lender on the mortgage accepts a less than full payoff on the loan in exchange for removing the debt from its bo... Read More »

What Does Pre-Approval Mean for a Home Loan?

Mortgage pre-approval is a formal process in which a lender analyzes a complete application from a borrower. This process gives the borrower an exact amount that he can mortgage, as well as a lette... Read More »