What does hmu mean on facebook and stuff?

Answer It means "Hit Me Up"

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If you throw up black stuff what does that mean?

Possibly Blood and bile mixed together.See a doc soon!

What does it mean when i see brownish stuff in my panties?

well unless you are on the pill or any other type of bc, you are pregnant

In friends what does Chandler mean when he says come on dorf on dating that's good stuff?

It's funny you ask that I was just watching that episode last night. I'm 32 and thought how old I must be because I bet no one younger than me knows who Dorf is. He was a comedian who does these sk... Read More »

On YouTube and stuff people put XD.. but wat does it mean!!?

XD is supposed to represent a smiley face laughing, teh D is the laughing mouth, and the X is the eyes, it just means its funny