How to Pet a High Strung Cat?

Answer Many of us have chosen to adopt a pet cat. Though we may want to pet, hug, and squeeze our beloved feline whenever the mood strikes us, it can be difficult, especially with an independently-minded ... Read More »

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What does"high on the hog"mean?

There are several meanings to "high on the hog." One possible explanation is that the cuts of meat from the pig came from the back and upper leg which only the wealthy ate. Another explanation is t... Read More »

What does"EVM high SPI"mean?

When used in conjunction with one another, EVM is an acronym for earned value management, and SPI is an acronym for schedule performance index. Since SPI is determined by dividing a project's budge... Read More »

What does carrying high mean?

When a woman is pregnant, her belly may appear to be high or low in comparison to the rest of her body. This is described as "carrying high" or "carrying low." Many first-time mothers carry their b... Read More »

What does a high alkaline pH mean?

A substance with a highly alkaline pH has a low concentration of hydronium ions. Alkaline, or basic, substances tend to have a bitter taste and feel slippery. Lye and ammonia are two substances wit... Read More »