What makes a girl look high maintenance?

Answer I disagree with most of these answers.. she didn't say "shallow b****" she just said 'high maintenance' you meant as in Polished, right?Here are some main points:Clear, fresh skin ( try exfoliati... Read More »

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What does"high on the hog"mean?

There are several meanings to "high on the hog." One possible explanation is that the cuts of meat from the pig came from the back and upper leg which only the wealthy ate. Another explanation is t... Read More »

What does"EVM high SPI"mean?

When used in conjunction with one another, EVM is an acronym for earned value management, and SPI is an acronym for schedule performance index. Since SPI is determined by dividing a project's budge... Read More »

What does high triglycerides mean?

It isn't enough to know your total cholesterol or your ratio of good cholesterol to bad. Triglycerides, also a type of fat, should be measured, too. Like high cholesterol, high triglycerides are li... Read More »

What does high-density mean?

Density is the measurement of how heavy an object is, and how close the particles that make up that object are in a given volume. To say a substance has a high density means the particles are very ... Read More »