What is hierarchy?

Answer The original meaning of hierarchy was rule by priests, which usually involved a rigid ordered structure - such as priests, bishops, archbishops. Now it is normally used for anything with an ordered... Read More »

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Why do we have a hierarchy?

To designate different levels of responsibility and authority based on and corresponding with differing levels experience,maturity, qualifications and sense of responsibility. Sometimes the levels ... Read More »

What is a hierarchy Why use one?

Many businesses use different departments, organizations, locations, or other structures to distribute and organize their personnel. And when fitting their users into a learning management system, ... Read More »

What Is Settlement Hierarchy?

A settlement hierarchy system arranges communities into a classified order based on population and other factors. This system gives precedence to higher populated settlements in larger areas and ra... Read More »

Does anyone know how to do hierarchy charts?

a hierarchy chart is same as making an outline. major ideas supporting details supporting details