What does "hickory dickory dock" mean?

Answer #1"Hickory, dickory, dock, the mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one," which is odd because hickory, dickory, dock means "eight, nine, ten," and who knows how we got straight from ten to one... Read More »

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What does dock mean?

To dock something is to cut of it's tail. it's done to lambs in spring for hygiene and was done to the corgi. fortunately for it, the corgi accepted the change and thus has no proper tail.

What does a dock adapter for iPod touch do?

A dock adapter for the iPOD touch helps you dock the iPOD touch in any type of speaker system.Its not meant for standing on its self . (Bryan Z. B10) The dock adapter also helps the iPod to stand i... Read More »

How long does hickory firewood need to season?

If wood from a hickory tree (there are several species that naturally grow in North America) is felled, cut, split and stacked in a crisscross manner, then the wood should be ready to burn after si... Read More »

How long does hickory farms food last if unopened?

It depends on the specific food item and the temperature at which it has been stored. According to Marcia at customer service, a Hickory Farms beef stick lasts up to 9 months, and cheese blocks las... Read More »