What does "hickory dickory dock" mean?

Answer #1"Hickory, dickory, dock, the mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one," which is odd because hickory, dickory, dock means "eight, nine, ten," and who knows how we got straight from ten to one... Read More »

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How Is Hickory As Firewood?

A wood fire can be both warm and relaxing. If you are able to cut your own firewood, hickory can be a good choice whether using a wood stove, fireplace or outdoor furnace. Does this... Read More »

Why do you use hickory wood for BBC?

yes! there is a world service, a news channel that be seen abroad, even BBC America and otehr stations like that :)

What is hickory wood?

For the past several centuries, hickory wood has been a popular choice for everyone from builders to chefs. It is a common wood with versatile uses.LocationsAccording to, hickory woo... Read More »

Can we eat hickory nuts?

Not all species of hickory nuts are edible, but several are. Hickory is native to North America; the pecan is its closest relative. Hickory nuts tend to have small, very hard shells encasing a butt... Read More »