Does travertine need to be sealed?

Answer Unpolished travertine should be sealed to help prevent the stone from absorbing spilled liquid, which causes stains. Polished travertine, however, does not need to be sealed. Travertine is a stone ... Read More »

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Does sealed Parmesan cheese ever go bad?

Sealed Parmesan cheese will eventually become moldy even if kept in a refrigerator, but this process should take at least seven to nine months, according to the DCI Cheese company. Mayo Clinic nutr... Read More »

Does granite tile need to be sealed?

Yes, sealing granite tile is recommended. Unsealed granite tile will absorb stains and spills, since granite is a porous stone. Sealing granite is essential in showers, countertops and other areas ... Read More »

Why does sealed travertine urine stain?

Urine contains acid which as etched the surface - this is not a stain but damage to the surface. There are products which, if the damage is minimal, will bring back the shine. Search internet for e... Read More »

Does matte finished porcelain tile have to be sealed?

True porcelain tiles, regardless of the finish, do not need to be sealed. However, it is a good idea to use a product specifically designed to protect porcelain tiles over the finished surface.Sour... Read More »