Fishing in Ludington, Mich.?

Answer Ludington, Mich., which lies on Lake Michigan in the western lower peninsula, offers a number of water activities including fishing. Fish on your own, use a fishing guide or book a charter that hel... Read More »

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Where was the first hospital built in Midland, Mich.?

The first hospital in Midland, Mich. was several rooms in a house in 1938. In 1942, 10 acres of land was donated and architects designed a real hospital, which opened its doors in 1944 at the corne... Read More »

Where is the closest Outback Steakhouse to Croswell, Mich.?

The closest Outback Steakhouse restaurant to the city of Croswell, Mich., is approximately 56 miles south in Chesterfield. Chesterfield is located in Michigan's Macomb County just west of the shore... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: I have a new favorite band *dun dun duuun* [+hilf mich!]?

Lol, yep i've heard of them....Haven't heard their songs though are they any good?Um, i hate downloading things illegally but this album is basically non existent, so i think it's okay....i guess. ... Read More »

Is an English-to-English only dump of Wiktionary available (with all non-English entries removed)?

Probably not. And with about a million English entries I doubt a portable device could take even half.~