What does head mean in water flow?

Answer Head or depth is a term commonly used for open channel devices such as weirs. A weir is a small overflow type of dam used to raise the level of a river or stream. When water is routed through a str... Read More »

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How do I increase the water flow rate in a shower head?

Clean the Shower Head ScreenUnscrew the shower head, and remove it from the pipe. Press a slotted screwdriver into the hold in the center of the gasket. Pull up gently to remove the gasket. Remove ... Read More »

Why would the hot water valve suddenly shut off the flow of water When you close it and open it again it is fine This happens mostly when the dishwasher calls for water?

Answer could be a lack of pressure, or a lime blockage in the seat of the valve, turn water off to valve, remove the stem, turn water on then back off, this might clear any blockage,

How to Install Low Flow Water Fixtures to Save Water and Money?

Low-flow plumbing fixtures are designed to provide the same household conveniences as less efficient fixtures, while using far less water. Low-flow toilets typically use around 1 1/2 gallons per fl... Read More »

What is a low flow shower head?

The number of gallons of water a showerhead delivers per minute is the showerhead flow. Low flow showerheads will push less water through. A good quality showerhead will still feel good delivering ... Read More »