What does hb mean in the plumbing world?

Answer According to Georgia master plumber Mark Love (MPR108227), "hb" in the plumbing world is an abbreviation for hose bib. A hose bib is an outdoor faucet to which a garden hose is connected, and is al... Read More »

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What does n.p.t. in plumbing mean?

NPT stands for National Pipe Tapered Thread or National Pipe Thread, which acts as a standard measurement for nuts and bolts used in plumbing applications. Williams Sellers created the NPT standard... Read More »

What type of insurance do you need for a small plumbing business and what does bonded mean?

Plumb Insurance My answer will have to be general because this is another state to state issue. There are different types of bonds. Contractors are generally required to provide a Bond in complian... Read More »

How much money does a pipe fitter make a year Well my Helper makes 25 per hr and he is doing plumbing for just about a year. A plumbing mechanic I pay 45 per hr IT all depends on the employees?

Answer Pipelayers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are among the highest paid construction occupations. In May 2004, median hourly earnings of pipelayers were $13.68. The middle 50 percent... Read More »

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