What does Hannah Montana wear?

Answer she wears shiny and glamorous clothes

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What channel does hannah montana come on?

Does lily die on Hannah montanah what happened?

no, she doesnt die. i don't think they would put that on a kids show.

What songs does Hannah Montana 3 have on it?

1. It's all right here - Hannah Montana 2. Let's do this - Hannah Montana3. Mixed up - Hannah Montana4. He could be the one - Hannah Montana5. Just a girl - Hannah Montana6. I wanna know you - Davi... Read More »

What does Hannah Montana's family look like?

you can see Hannah Montana's (A.K.A Miley Cyrus) on Google images ect.Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus has several brothers and sisters, but some are adopted, they may not be mileys real siblings, but th... Read More »