What does Rösti taste like?

Answer Rösti is crunchy on top and quite soft on the bottom. It tatse quite patatoey and under the thin dry crust is the quite moist center. There may be additional taste if the rösti isn't plane ( for ... Read More »

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What does gasoline taste like?

AnswerGasoline on the tongue presents more of a "mouth feel" and a smell than a typical taste, not really posesssing any of the flavor components sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and savory. Gasoline ha... Read More »

What does a Twinkie taste like?

Trying one is the only way you will know if you like it. They are basically a sponge cake with a vanilla cream filling. They aren't bad, but geared more for kids.

What does Tinkerbell taste like?

What does nutella taste like?