What does it mean when the mucus plug is tinged with green im having discharge that's green ans gel like?

Answer I'm not too sure what it means or how far pregnant you are. I would suggest making an appointment with your midwife or GP, just to be sure you are not starting with an infection. Unfortunately, the... Read More »

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Why does my cameras screen green, and why do the pics have a green tint everytime i take a picture?

Green is usually caused when you shoot under fluorescent lighting with the white balance set to bright sun.The question is this.Does the green image show up on both the cameras LCD and your compute... Read More »

Does Green Giant add sugar to canned green beans?

Yes. Green Giant rates high in sugar content (2.0 grams) on its nutritional analysis. When counting calories, two grams of sugar to a half-cup serving of green beans is not nutritionally sound. The... Read More »

Does cold green tea have the same benefits as hot green tea?

On One Hand: Differences in Hot and Cold Green TeaHot green tea is usually fresher than cold tea, and so it contains more anti-oxidants that help repair oxidant damage to the body and prevent condi... Read More »

What does it mean when the light on your iPod shuffle blinks orange to green and does not allaw you to listen to music?

when the green and orange light flashes it just means that there's an error.I had the same problem but i found out that if the music doesn't play when the orange and green light flashes, all you ha... Read More »