What does governor fee waiver pay for?

Answer Fee wavier pays for classes only, (no books, parking fees, ect.)

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What does ss mean on a lien waiver?

The abbreviation "ss" stands for the Latin word "scilicet," which means "that it is to say" and "namely." It appears on liens next to the state and county the lien originated in.References:Merriam-... Read More »

What does a judicial waiver mean?

A judicial waiver is a decision that a judge makes to allow the courts to treat a juvenile as an adult. Judicial waivers are used most frequently in the criminal-justice setting. Some courts provid... Read More »

What does governor mean in British?

A governor is defined as person who is in charge of a particular organization. However, the term "guvnor" is British slang for a boss or someone in charge of an institution.Source:Merriam Webster D... Read More »

How does auto waiver of subrogation work?

Waivers of subrogation work in the same fashion no matter the line of insurance.A waiver of subrogation is one party agreeing who has had risk transfered to it (usually an insurance company) agreei... Read More »