What does giving a baby up for adoption mean?

Answer It means having a baby, and you don't want it. So you give it to another family.

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What can you do with your baby besides giving it up for adoption?

How about loving and caring for it? The child didn't ask to come into this world, and as an adopted child myself, I can say that when you find out your adopted, your life starts getting really stra... Read More »

Is giving your baby up for adoption free?

Well, discounting the psychological cost, yes. Infertile couples routinely pay 5 figures for the privilege of adopting a baby.

Do you get money for giving your baby up for adoption?

You get the medical expenses paid but you can not sell your child, that is illegal. Instead be grateful that the baby comes to a good family that you get to choose.

Is giving birth and putting the baby up for adoption a better option than abortion?

If a woman is going to give birth instead of getting an abortion, there is the additional option for adoption instead of raising it. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. To help find out if ... Read More »