What does ginseng look like in the winter?

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What color is Ginseng in the winter?

Ginseng does not grow in the winter. It dies off. Check out! It has everything about ginseng... the laws,ppl who buy it,they sell seeds and plants,and they have a forum where ppl talk... Read More »

Where can I buy ginseng?

Try asian tea places, like a bubble tea mart, or even an asian influence supermarket. It's usually best when still in root form and fresh!

How do I plant ginseng?

Scatter SeedsSimulate wild-grown ginseng by scattering or individually planting ginseng seeds or roots in a forest area or in your backyard under the shade of trees. Wild-grown ginseng is more valu... Read More »

Why only take ginseng for 2-3 weeks?

How many times are you going to ask this when you've already gotten good answers? You can switch to other adaptogens if you'd like to, but you would only NEED to cycle off when you're taking high d... Read More »