What does ghz mean in a computer processor?

Answer A gigahertz, abbreviated as GHz, is a unit measurement of how many operations a computer processor can perform every second. The current standard definition is that one GHz equals the capability of... Read More »

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What does x86 processor mean?

When you are shopping for a computer or investigating one you currently own, you will come across terminology that describes aspects of its CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is the "brain" of the... Read More »

What does processor speed mean?

Processing speed refers to the amount of instructions, calculations or processes a computer can execute in a given second. Measured in megahertz, or MHz, or gigahetz, or GHz, adequate processing sp... Read More »

How does CPU works what is processor ,ALU & CU where are they situated in computer?

ALU is the arithmetic logic unit and CU is the control unit! There are many different processors and they arent physically located in a certain spot! It depends on the processor chip!

What does quad core processor mean?

A quad core processor is a type of processor used in personal computers that features four individual processors on a common integrated circuit. Quad core processors may be used in laptops, desktop... Read More »