What does getting a cavity filled feel like?

Answer After the initial needle used to inject the local (scale 2 -3) there is no pain at all - not even when the local wears off after an hour or two.The worst bit is thinking it might hurt!

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Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?

What does a cavity feel like?

Sensitvity to sweets and cold, so it's probably a cavity. Go to your dentist to make sure

Why are your gums sore after getting a cavity filled?

It is likely due to the injections received to numb the area previous to the actual filling.It can be caused by the dentist hitting gum accidentally with the drill or something. Or the dentist flos... Read More »

Why did cavity bleed when getting it filled Is dentist trying to scam me?

No, he is not trying to scam you. Most likely what happened is like you said you have a really deep cavity. When he was removing the decay he reached the pulp of your tooth ( because the decay we... Read More »