How to Be Genuine?

Answer In a world full of knock-offs, spinoffs, and cheap imitations, being "genuine" seems a little off the beaten track. Should you decide to see what the world thinks of the real YOU, here are a few su... Read More »

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Un Genuine Windows Seven?

When windows update runs, it automatically checks for the authenticity of your OS. If it doesn't come back as valid, you will see the message. Reinstalling it won't work on it's own, you will have ... Read More »

Are there any GENUINE people out there?

I'm a genuine people but I don't want to be on a beer commercial.nfd♥

Windows 7 not genuine but it is?

If you honestly have a legit copy of Windows 7 then it's 1 of 2 things:1) have you activated it yet? Click round start button, type activate windows, and then click the link. If you are prompted to... Read More »

Is my Windows XP genuine?

Are you worried that your copy of Windows XP isn't genuine? It's easy to find out how to check for authenticity and avoid buying fraudulent software in the future.Validate Your Windows XPGo to the ... Read More »