What does general liability insurance cover?

Answer The amount of coverage and the specifics of coverage will vary from policy to policy. In general liability insurance will cover damages to individuals or entities other than the insured individual.... Read More »

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Does general liability insurance cover theft?

No. When you get liability insurance, you are basically getting insurance for everyone else on the road that you may cause damage to. It does nothing to protect you from theft, vandalism ect.

What does terrorism insurance coverage cover on a general liability policy?

Federally defined acts of terrorism which cause physical damage to your property.

Does commercial general liability insurance cover fire damage?

Some do but it would only cover fire damage for your property like your office. On some it is excluded. You would have to check on your binder

Does general business liability insurance cover bankrupt client issues?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy i... Read More »