How to Make Ganache?

Answer Ganache can be used as icingGanache is a delicious creamy chocolate confection. It can be used to fill or top cakes, cookies, and other desserts. It sounds complicated, but making ganache is actual... Read More »

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What is ganache frosting?

Since the 1850's, pastry chefs have used ganache frosting to embellish desserts. The chocolate mixture, renowned for its unique, smooth texture and decadent creaminess, perfectly complements assort... Read More »

Tips on Cheesecake Ganache?

Add decadence to any cheesecake recipe with a rich ganache. A ganache is a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream, poured on top of the cheesecake or crust to create another rich layer of flavor. Th... Read More »

Can I use chocolate chips to make ganache?

To make ganache, you have to combine equal amounts of chocolate and heavy cream. To ensure your ganache achieves exceptionally decadent flavor, use a top-quality chocolate, regardless of whether yo... Read More »

How to Make a Simple Chocolate Ganache?

So you know how to make cake and chocolate fondants and ice cream desserts and a zillion other things. Maybe that's not the case. But you're looking for something new to create to add to your dish ... Read More »