What does full coverage mean on a car insurance policy?

Answer A full coverage automobile insurance policy means that the driver possesses every type of auto insurance offered for his vehicle, such as collision, property damage liability, theft and bodily inju... Read More »

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Can you get a full coverage insurance policy on a car that you do not own?

Insurance for a Car you do not own Yes, You can Insure the property of another Person. So Long as you do so properly and have authorization to do so and the owner is benefited, or an other insurabl... Read More »

What will happen to your current insurance policy if you transfer from a newer vehicle with full coverage to an older vehicle with basic coverage?

The cost of the monthly permiums should go DOWN, as the cost of replacement of the car, or repairs to it will be less expensive.Check with the insurance agent.

When a dealership requires you to have full coverage insurance what are they looking for in your policy?

Answer Liability and comprehensive and Collision, this secures them usually in the loan if you have an accidentThese coverages are also listed as:Bodily Injury, Property Damage, (depending on the ... Read More »

Im looking at an insurance policy that has 1 million in primary coverage and 3 million umbrella coverage What will be the maximum payout possible on that policy?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy i... Read More »