What does freon smell like?

Answer Answer Odorless. What you are smelling is antifreeze, leaking from the heater core in your car. I DISAGREE: Freon smells a bit like ether and should not be inhaled. Freon is a gas that does not h... Read More »

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What does R134a Freon smell like?

Freon R134 is a gas used to charge A/C units. It does not have a smell or color.

What Does Pot Look Like, Smell Like, Etc.?

The smell is unique... no one on here will be able to describe that. Best thing to do is to google it but if it's already rolled then it will look a little different. Buds are small... buds. Little... Read More »

What does vanadium smell like?

Vanadium, a naturally occurring compound metal, has no odor in its pure form. Inhaling high volumes of vanadium may lead to respiratory side effects. Other metals added to vanadium create alloys, t... Read More »

What does summer smell like?

It's smells like beautiful blue, red, pink, yellow, orange and green flowers blooming open in the breeze of the soft, warm summer air and the sunshine shining down on it.It smells like green grass ... Read More »