What does frank consolidation mean?

Answer Frank consolidation is clinically evident solidification of the lung tissue. This occurs when the lung tissue fills with mucus or other liquid, especially in pneumonia patients. Lungs undergoing fr... Read More »

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How did Edith Frank die in Anne Frank's diary?

Edith Hollander Frank was the mother of Margo and Anne Frank. She was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp with her two daughters in 1944. Edith died in January 1945 after enduring a high fever an... Read More »

What Is Server Consolidation?

Server consolidation is a common business practice used to save money or space when using a computer network to accomplish business goals. Many server manufacturers build consolidation methods into... Read More »

What Is Fiscal Consolidation?

Fiscal consolidation is a policy intended to reduce deficits and the accumulation of debt, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The term typically refers to a go... Read More »

Consolidation of Subsidiaries?

Business relationships can result in a parent-subsidiary ownership. Companies that purchase an ownership stake in a company generally must incorporate the subsidiary's financial information onto th... Read More »